Shop Hours

Monday through Friday             11AM  to  6PM
Saturday                                         10AM to 4PM

Sunday                                            Noon to 4PM

Commonly Requested Services

(not including cost of parts)

Tune-Up                                                  $65

Flat Repair                                              $10  

Brake Adjustment                                $15

Shifting Adjustment                            $15

Wheel True                                             $15-$30

Full Bike Build                                        $40-$85

Noah Hicks will be bringing The Sip & Spoke Bike Kitchen, a full-service bicycle and coffee shop to Uphams Corner in Dorchester.

We are a for-profit pop and pop bicycle shop, and we do as much as we can to engage youth and families in the neighborhood in cycling. We live here, and giving freely of our time and resources is not only good for business, but good for building the kind of community we want to live in. If you would like to provide some funds to support our work, feel free ----->

Repair Services

From weekly repair classes, to bike rodeos, to mass bike rides, we do whatever it takes to get and keep the people moving. Check out our calendar below.

Sip & Spoke

​​​More butts on bikes!!!

Whether you're looking to own a new bike or just in need of a few repairs, Bowdoin Bike School has some of the best mechanics and prices within the city of Boston.

Community Events

Bowdoin Bike School